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144 Modular LUXEON 

A city street in China recently installed 144 modularized LED street lights from Taiwan’s Alliance Optotek Corporation (AOP), marking the first project using WIESON’S new energy-saving ARTEMIS street light series. The lamps are built with high-power LUXEON Rebel LEDs and available in two- to five-module configurations for environments ranging from 3-meter-high park roadway lighting to 10-meter-high main road illumination. Components can be customized to meet lighting requirements in the U.S. and Europe as well as mainland China.

WIESON’s modular strategy shortened development time and simplifies production and assembly, lowering product cost. LED solution specialist Future Lighting Solutions further reduced the development effort and time-to-market by supplying WIESON engineers with optimized LED count, current, forward voltage and heat management information, calculated with proprietary Future software tools.

In addition to the 144-unit installation in the Chinese city of Dongguan Songshan Lake, WIESON now has ARTEMIS customers for street lighting, wall wash and architectural lighting projects. The variety reflects the ability of the core 24-LED ARTEMIS module to adapt to different applications by changing the lens used.

WIESON is relying on Future’s inventory management services to ensure that it has a reliable supply of LUXEON Rebel LEDs to fulfill these and other orders.

“Energy-saving initiatives like those in China are driving the adoption of LED street lighting in particular. Municipalities also reap the benefits of fewer bulb replacements and associated labor costs related to long LED life,” said Clint Yu, Director of Sales and Marketing Division for WIESON. “With our modular design and Future’s engineering and supply chain assistance, our ARTEMIS series offers pricing, performance, customization and time-to-market advantages for customers around the globe.”

“The modular approach of WIESON’s ARTEMIS products will be inevitably imitated by other LED lighting developers,” said Winter Chan, Regional Sales VP of Future Lighting Solutions. “This is another important step in the evolution of solid state lighting.”


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