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WIESON’s high performance lighting instrument transfigure Xinbei Bridge into a new tourism landmark


After September 2010, residents to and from Xinbei City and Taipei City may find “Traffic” is also a visual feast. Xinbei Bridge is the first new landmark awarded by landscape lighting. Bridge tower extends 135.7 meters into skyline, only secondary to Taipei 101 and Shin Kong Life Tower, Xinbei Bridge becomes the third highest landmark in Taipei. The structure of the bridge’s main body is symmetrical arm stayed bridge, main bridge spans across 400 meters, could be rated No. 1 in Asia.

Xinbei Bridge not only has a symbolic significance of transportation, but also brings added values of tourism and leisure to city living through its diverse lighting lightscribe system and fascinates residents with the beauty of bridge construction.

For the purpose of achieving this goal, Wieson Technologies Co.. Ltd. (WIESON) and FORMOLUX Co. by virtue of their professional LED lighting instrument development competence and a wealth of design experiences together to create the landscape lighting system of Xinbei Bridge. While considering social mainstream value of environment protection, it totally overturns peoples’ stereotype image to bridges at the same time.

In the Xinbei Bridge lighting scheme planed by Ken Su Lighting, the design focus lies on interpretation of main tower’s construction. For the sake of perfectly interpreting the tower, the designer adopted 56 sets latest modular lighting systems developed by WIESON. The most prominent feature of the system is able to select and match between function, shape and optics. With high degree of flexibility, it is capable of meeting various architectural lighting, situational lighting and road lighting requirements. Take the top of main tower as an example, it would need to equip special lenses to powerfully converge light into a strong color beam for long distance projection. The stayed-cables located on both sides of main tower also require perfect configuration of lighting systems to bring out balanced aesthetic perception of the bridge. On the other hand, in order to highlight three-dimensional vertical contrast between H-pylon and bridge sideways, the designer used over 800 high brightness full color linear lights to embellish both sides of the bridge, makes H-pylon looks even more robust.

Created by way of LED lighting system, Xinbei Bridge not only renders itself to be the new indicator in Taiwan’s bridge lighting, but also makes residents to perceive that technology innovation with environment in mind can bring people a better life. This is also WIESON’s forever self-expectation in managing business operations and in researching and developing products.
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