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ARTEMIS-24DC 36W Roadway Light
ARTEMIS-24DC 72W Roadway Light
AGLAIA-12DC 28W Flood Light (Wide Beam)
AGLAIA-12DC 55W Flood Light (Wide Beam)
AGLAIA-24DC 36W Flood Light (Wide Beam)
AGLAIA-24DC 72W Flood Light (Wide Beam)
AGLAIA-12DC 28W Flood Light (Narrow Beam)
AGLAIA-12DC 55W Flood Light (Narrow Beam)
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Mini-roadway light
Solar Roadway Light
-Comprehensive Solar street lighting system enables high degree of efficiency – 120 lumens per watt
-Easy to operate – system intelligence understands when to turn on/off and dim, without any configuration or user operation
-Intelligent product requires either remote on/off control or advanced customer selection of when they want the light to be on, for every season
-Lightweight module enables minimal environmental impact due to wasted materials and easy installation
-Competitive systems are up to 4x heavier and require separate installation of battery, solar panel, and luminaire
-Localized system (solar panel, battery, luminaire all attached) enables minimal internal energy loss, faster charge time and faster installation
Specification Details
Peak Lumen Output (at 25°C ambient temperature) 6000 lm
LED Lamp Power 60W
Max. Efficacy (lm/W) 120
Color Temperature (CCT) 4000K
Color Rendering Index (CRI) 70
Panel Size 890mm X 665mm X 35mm
Solar Cells Mono-crystalline
Solar Panel Peak Power 100W
Solar Panel Peak Power 100W
Battery Capacity 580 Wh
Battery Chemistry LiFePO4
Light Fixture Material Die cast aluminum alloy
Finish Powder coated
Optical Distribution Type III medium
Optical Material Acrylic/Glass
Mounting Height 6-8m
Mounting Options 38-63mm nominal dia. mast arm
Maximum Wind Load 150MPH gust windload
Luminaire Operating Temperature -25°C to +50°C
Battery Management System Operating Temperature 0°C to +50°C
System Weight 27.2kg
Environment Fixture-IP65 / Power Module-IP66
Photometric :


Solar Roadway Light Datasheet