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EZ-4K is a powerful SDC controller capable of controlling 4,000 pixels SDC lighting fixtures like HB linear light and HB mini-cluster. The speed is up to 30 frames per second and RGB color can be mixed and dimming in 256 lighting levels for each channel. This technology brings the full color lighting effects in dazzling and brilliant performances.

EZ -4K control system can save a lot of time and minimize risks of mistakes because it is not necessary to set the ID address for each lighting fixture. Users are free to play specified lighting program via embedded calendar features.

–Up to 4,000 controllable pixels
–Embedded calendar features let users to play specified program at specified date and time.
–Speed up to 30 frames/sec for standalone EZ-4K unit.
–Save labor time and eliminate mistakes by the address setting labor for each lighting fixture
Specification Details
Physical Dimension 218(W) x 81(H) x 110(L) mm
Weight 1.0Kg
Housing Coated steel
Display LCD Display
Control Keys 4 x push button
Electrical Input Voltage 24VDC
Power Consumption 2 Watt
Control Control Protocol SDC
Controllable pixels 4,000 pixels
Frame rate Maximum 30 frames in standalone
Calendar Events Support(set by 4 push button on front panel or Lighting Software)
Data Storage Type: SDHC Card
Capacity: 32GB Max.
Speed: class 10
File Format: FAT32
I/O Port EZ-4K to EZ-DDP:
RJ45x4 for signal output
Ethernet: RJ45x1
Communication Distance EZ-4K to EZ-DDP Max. 60 Meter
Temperature Range Storage Temperature -40°C ~ 80°C
Operation Temperature -20°C ~ 40°C
Others Ingress Protection Rating IP20

System Connection Diagram:

EZ-4K Datasheet