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What is Wieson Smart Control?

An IT Infrastructure based control system
-Not a manufacture based connect system

An Innovate and best practice concept
-to use existing IT infra. to access the lamp and controller directly without extra driver/module for best efficiency.

All the components is one of our database, could be manipulated unmolested
-Lighting controller …

It’s bring more simple way to smooth control the lighting.
It remove the heat problem form traditional lighting design
It’s reduce the driver and module from individual lamp
It’s circuit base to configure the lamp
It combine the lamp with server application
-Scalability/flexibility to fit any scale and local area application
-Software driven to support sensor and other application as you need
The system limitation depends on your thinking

Wieson 3 2 1

3) High Efficiency
.High AC/DC convert efficiency up to 96%
.High Power Factor up to 100%
.High energy saving ratio vs AC solutions

2) Control Efficiency
.Confining Maximum wattage output control
.Control anytime and anywhere via VPN or Cloud

1 ) Safety and low-voltage output

.Indoor under 48V DC output to keep people safe
.Keep the same cable and change it from Distributed board

What the system can do?

Fundamental Setup

1) Location Manager
.Light Controller Setup: To define the controller’s name, IP address, port number, RS485 ID, location , notes, lamp type, color… 
.Area setup: to define the area’s controller list
.Group setup: define the one or more area’s or controllers. Ex: department,
.Floor setup: define the number of groups or areas or controllers
.Building setup: define the number of floor
.Site setup: define the number of building

2) Task manager
.define the multiple area/group/floor/building/site percentage of illuminace

3) Scenario manager
.define the name of scene and how many task to form the scenario 

4) Scheduling manager

5) Sensor driven 
.to define the sensor trigger area and area’s illuminate with lasting time
.to define the senor’s trigger value to start the other task

6) Server access control

.Define the server’s IP and Port number
.Pre-defined Password and notes


Control and Report

1) Scenario control:
To active or inactive the pre-defined scenes for easy and fast access.

2) Lighting control:
Direct access to active or inactive the pre-defined location or dim the location’s illuminate  

3) Scheduling control:
.Access the existing scenes and task with schedule date the cycle time to define the job schedule.
.Cycle time define service
.Monthly/Weekly/Day review

4) Reporting Service:

.Energy usage status report by pre-defined controller/area/group/site …
.System log review
.History energy usage review by pre-defined controller/area/group/site..