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HB Linear Light (White)
HB Cluster (RBG)
HB Mini-cluster (RGB)
HB Linear Light (RGB / White)
Area: indoor and outdoor
Purpose: Delivering illumination and light effects to alcoves, task and accent spaces.

- Auto-addressing technology simplifies installation.
- Standard DMX512 protocol design
- Two standard length available: 1ft and 3ft
- Both of backside cable location design and 1ft/3ft fixture length choices make it suitable for lighting
curved and complex accent spaces.
- Durable and weather-resistant by IP65-rated for outdoor applications.
Item Details
Physical Dimension Clear flat
1ft: 307(L)x20(W)x25.6(H) mm (cable not included)
3ft: 915(L)x20(W)x25.6(H) mm (cable not included)
Diffuse Dome
1ft: 307(L)x40(W)x51(H) mm (cable not included)
3ft: 915(L)x40(W)x51(H) mm (cable not included)
Weight Clear flat
1ft: 220g/ 3ft: 480g
Diffuse Dome
1ft: 280g/ 3ft: 640g
Housing Aluminum alloy housing with silver anodized treatment
and clear PC cover
Optical Color RGB/Mono-color(2700K/3000K/4000K/5000K)
Brightness 1ft: 220lm/5000K; 220lm/4000K ; 210lm/3000K ; 210lm/2700K
3ft: 660lm/5000K; 660lm/4000K ; 630lm/3000K ; 630lm/2700K
1ft: 140lm for RGB full-on
3ft: 420lm for RGB full-on
(above data is for flat clear cover)
View Angle 105°
LED Mono-color(2700K/3000K/4000K/5000K)
1ft: 12ea high brightness LED
3ft: 36ea high brightness LED
1ft: 18ea high brightness 3-in-1 RGB LED
3ft: 54ea high brightness 3-in-1 RGB LED
Electrical Input Voltage 24 Vdc
Power Consumption Mono-color(2700K/3000K/4000K/5000K)
1ft: 3.0watt
3ft: 9.0watt
1ft: 4watt
3ft: 12watt
Control Interface & Control Systems DMX512
MR-502 Controller, EZ-Butler or 3rd party DMX Controller
Controllable Pixel 1 pixel/ per feet
1CH per pixel for 5000K/4000K/3000K/2700K
3CH per pixel for RGB(R-G-B in sequence)
Addressing Auto-addressing
Temperature Range Storgae Temperature -40°C~80°C
Operation Temperature -30°C~50°C
Others Ingress Protection Rating IP65


System Connection Diagram:
DMX control system (MR-502 controller)
DMX control system (EZ-Butler controller)
Applicable Controller

DMX Control System


描述: ID-1000


描述: EZ-Butler+描述: EZ-DD4

EZ-Butler              EZ-DD4

 描述: ID-1000


HB Linear Light (DMX) Datasheet
HB Linear DMX User Manual