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ARTEMIS-24DC 36W Roadway Light
AGLAIA-12DC 28W Flood Light (Wide Beam)
AGLAIA-12DC 55W Flood Light (Wide Beam)
AGLAIA-24DC 36W Flood Light (Wide Beam)
AGLAIA-24DC 72W Flood Light (Wide Beam)
AGLAIA-12DC 28W Flood Light (Narrow Beam)
AGLAIA-12DC 55W Flood Light (Narrow Beam)
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AGLAIA-18DC 60W Flood Light (Narrow Beam)
Mini-roadway light
Solar Roadway Light
ARTEMIS-24DC 72W Roadway Light
Area: Outdoor for solar lighting application
Purpose: Alley lighting, park lighting, street lighting and surrounding areas

–High performance IP-free LED, top-tier suppliers
–High luminaire efficacy (115 lm/W@24Vdc)
–Selectable optics, symmetric and asymmetric wide beam angles
–Rugged die-cast aluminum housing.
–Optical-grade Polycarbonate lens, weather-resistant
–IP65 ingress protection rating, suitable for outdoor applications
–12/24Vdc input without safety risk and suitable for solar application
–Long operating life, over 40,000 hours
–Hazard-free materials
–Safety certifications: CE
Model NO. 1M:MS-51MD2E (5200K)
2S:MS-52SD2E (5200K)
Physical Dimension 407(L)x341(W)x108(H) mm
Weight 4.4 kg
Hole Size φ65mm
Housing Aluminum alloy
Optical Output Lumens 8,300 lm
Efficacy 115 lm/W @ 24VDC
CCT 5200K
CRI Ra 70
LEDs 48ea high power LED
Electrical Input Voltage 12/24Vdc
Power Consumption 80W @12Vdc
72W @24Vdc
LED Current Switching mode and multi-channel constant current
Temperature Range Storage Temperature -40°C ~ 80°C
Operation Temperature -30°C ~ 50°C
Others Ingress Protection Rating IP65
Certification CE

Product Nomenclature :
Modularized Flood Light
Color / CCT
Beam angle
Input voltage
Modules Qty
Install Mechanism
5: 5200K
1M: Type I, Medium, cutoff
2S: Type II, Short, cutoff
D: 12/24Vdc
2: 2 modules
E: Extend Conduit
Light Distribution
Type I, Medium, Cutoff
Type II, Short, Cutoff

ARTEMIS 72W DC-IN Roadway Light Datasheet
ARTEMIS DC-IN Roadway Light Installation Guide
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