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AGLAIA, composed by Optoblk modules, offers different kind of fixtures for various applications like Low Bay, Project Lights and Billboard Lights. With the flexibilities of modules, AGLAIA can be easily installed by adopting different connecting interfaces. AGLAIA also provides options for RGB modules which can perform color changing and lighting program with add on controllers. The flexibility of AGLAIA delivers creative combinations to meet wide ranges of lighting requirement.

Optional modules are available for AGLAIA Low bay lights. Optoblk-18 modules provide narrow beam angle lens while Optoblk-24 delivers wider beam for different applications. With embedded IP67 adaptors, AGLAIA bay lights will not need additional power supply or ballast for outdoor installation. LED longevity makes maintenance easier without frequent replacement of light sources. AGLAIA low bay lights are ideal for gas station and warehouse lighting.

Low Bay/Gas Station/Warehouse