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ARTMIS are street lighting fixtures assembled by Optoblk modules. The modular flexibility enables ARTMIS to meet various kinds of road lighting requirements. ARTMIS provides complete solutions to meet the road lighting condition from 3-meter pole height to 10-meter ones and above.

Four types of road light patterns are available: IESNA Type I medium/ Type II short / Type II medium / Type V short. Type I medium light distribution can extend up to five time poles height with great uniformity. The whole series of light distribution are full cut patterns with minimum glare for roadway safety.

Excellent power circuit design: ARTMIS circuit design embeds switching mode and multiple channel constant current controllers with PF over 90%. The internal circuit protection design makes lamps keep stable functionality. Lamps will be shut down when over limit voltage occurs; the driving current will be lowered down to 70% when ambient temperature gets too high.

  Efficacy over 64lm/W at fixture level
  IP 65 protection
Light weighted robust Aluminum housing

80W:Park Roadway Light/Lane Light/Solar Light/Parking space/Walkway
120W/160W:Light for General Urban Road (Mounting height : 6~10 Meter)
200W:Light for Main Road/Expressway (Mounting height : Over 10 Meters)