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High Brightness Architectural Lighting Series are designed for lighting programs controlled by light sources in spots, which are uniquely suited to architectural lightings are required with low energy consumption and colorful programs. The High Brightness Series could also be installed and linked by SDC signals with user friendly software and lighting program management. While installing, the user could find that it’s very flexible and convenient for lighting designs no matter they are estimated to be shown in spots, straight lines, curves or even in irregular shapes. The High Brightness Series are the best choice for creating nocturnal environment for the landscape of a building.


HB cluster is composed of single or numbers of dome shape LED lights. Every single spot could be controlled for performance of fully-color programs and is linked by flexible and bendable waterproof wires which are responsible for transmitting signals (SDC) and power.User can easily connect HB clusters by its waterproof connectors. The whole HB Cluster series meets IP65 rating for dust and water resistance.
Its features of light weight and flexibility make it be a great solution for lighting up the appearance of a building or characterizing the background of stages.

AOP HB strip light is a linear light composed by linable high brightness full-color LEDs; two  lengths for option, 1 foot long and 3 feet long. Each strip can accept SDC signals to perfom fully color programs. The strip lights are linked by bendable wires responsible for transmitting signals and power and connecting by easy operation waterproof connectors. The whole HP Strip series meets IP65 rating and provides an easy-install solution for architecture lighting.